We are very privileged today to have you our midst in spite of his busy schedule have come to grace this occasion.

Today marks yet another high water mark in the history of the Standard Trust Bank Limited because right before our eyes we have witnessed the metamorphosis of people who hither were considered as the abject poor and down trodden into successful Small/Medium scale Entrepreneurs.

Consequently, one can categorically state that with the introduction of Accion Private Bank Limited into the Financial Market , there has been a remarkable turn around in the lives and destinies of men, Women, Business and corporate organizations at large.

The importance of Financial Institutions cannot be overemphasized because it holds enormous potentials for national and economical growth by supporting the economic activities of the poor thereby bridging the gap between the rich and the poor, and thus contributing to poverty reduction.

Because of its relevance for poverty reduction, the role of Financial Institutions has developed and gained momentum during the last two decades resulting in the declaration of 2005 as the International Year of Micro Credit{IYMC},while the Central Bank of Nigeria {CBN}launched her financial Policy same year.

We have not only taken our place in the scheme of things in our immediate and remote environment, Standard Trust Bank Limited is poised to take the Financial Industry to a higher level in Nigeria and Africa via our customer friendly products and services.


It is pertinent to note here that the purpose of establishing Financial Institution according to the Central Bank of Nigeria policy was to serve the following purposes:

  • Provide diversified, affordable and dependable financial services to the active poor, in a timely and a competitive manner.
  • Mobilized savings for intermediation.
  • Create employment opportunities and increase the productivity of poor people
  • Enhance and organize systematic and focused participation of the poor in the socio-economic development and resource allocation process.
  • Provide veritable avenue for the administration of the micro credit program of government and high net worth individuals on a non-recourse case basis and
  • Render payment services, such as salaries, gratuities, and pensions for various tiers of government.

Our mission is to professionally empower our community, encourage entrepreneurial development, instill the culture of savings; bridge the gap between the poor and the rich, using the best of people and technology while delivering good returns to all stakeholders.


We have not only taken our place in the scheme of things in our immediate and remote environment, the Standard Trust Bank Limited is poised to take the Financial Industry to a higher level in Nigeria and Africa via our customer friendly products and services.

To this effect we were applauded by the CBN Consultative Group to Assist the poor {CGAP},the World Bank ,UNDP and Association of Financial Banks in Nigeria{ AMBIN}.This has earned the bank an invitation to join the Mix-Portal of the World Wide Web.

It is also worthy of mention that the Standard Trust Bank Limited was adjudged to be the BEST of the Year,2023 . This was made possible by your patronage and we sincerely appreciate your Business Relationship and look forward for your continued patronage.

Without reservation we are most delighted that your Bank has a share capital of 1billion shares.

So far in the Standard Trust Bank Limited, we have successfully registered

Over 883 groups with a minimum number of at least 10 groups from 150 different markets, communities and training centres

The cash value to such micro credit groups is over=N= 500m

Over 300 of viable objects in different communities have also benefited to the tune of =N= 600m.

Loans extended to Small/Medium scale Enterprises {SME} is over =N= 2.2 billion.

In the last two years, our turnover has risen to well over =N= 4.5 Billion.


To further enhance our good services to our numerous customers, Standard Trust Bank Bureau De Change came on board on the 19th April 2007 and was granted license to operate on the 6th of June, 2007 by the Central Bank of Nigeria. And today we provide foreign currencies for the following and more services at competitive rates:-

  • Business and Personal Traveling Allowances,
  • Monthly mortgage payment,
  • School fees (foreign),
  • Credit card payments,
  • Utility Bills,
  • Life Insurance Premium Payments etc.

The We believe that every human being possesses the basic ingredients peculiar to himself to make him succeed in life. He is unique in qualities, intelligence and in God’s scheme of things. He has a specific assignment for which reward is already waiting, and here in Standard Trust Bank

  • We have customized services and an array of products to meet the financial needs of all segments of the local communities we serve.
  • We operate advisory services and economic intelligence report to assist our customer businesses.,
  • We have comfortable and friendly banking hall and premises.
  • We operate flexible banking hours with due regard to government directives, customers’ need and adequate security arrangements.
  • The bank has 100% ownership of all its assets.
  • The bank’s Management Team consists of very experienced and highly qualified professionals.
  • Staff Training and development are top priority.
  • The bank’s Information Technology System ranks among the best in the banking industry in Nigeria today.


We are glad to inform you that our Automated Teller Machine (ATM) has commence full operation 24 hours daily, and we are presently working on installing an additional machine at the Word of Life Bible church Premises.


Presently, our bank drafts to PPMC for lifting of petroleum products are given immediate value. This has further enhanced the service delivery of our Oil Boom Product.


Accion CATCH THEM YOUNG PLUS –AN INSURANCE OUTFIT We now have our Accion CATCH THEM YOUNG PLUS .A product designed for Children to enable them continue their education seamlessly even when the parents are no more. This product will be launch today.


The bank in reaching out to our numerous customers who have patronized us in one way or the other is launching the product Accion TARGET PROMO ACCOUNT which will also be launched today. The Raffle Draw will come up before or after the EASTER. All you need do is to open Accion Target Promo Account you may be a winner of a brand new car. Please our front desk officers for more details.


Presently, we have 4 Branches 3 Cash Centres .we intend to increase our branch network from 4 to a minimum of 10 Branches and 6 Cash Centres by the end of 2010.

With the present economic meltdown in various nations of the world which has impacted so much on the abilities of businessmen and women to generate funds to finance their projects without stress. There is urgent need for a concerted effort at further expanding our businesses and in our drive to render fantastic services to you we have introduced the followings into our system:

  1. SMS Alert: This is to give our customers immediate information based on Deposit/Withdrawal from your accounts.
  2. Our customers can now withdraw cash from any part of the country without having to wait endlessly
  3. Increased Tellering points to reduce waiting time.
  4. Improvement on Turn-Around -Time on loans determination e.g.;
    • LPO financing will be handled in three (3) days.
    • Micro Credits will be handled in five (5) days.
    • SME’s financing will take seven (7) days.
    • E-payment services.
This is our goal and we believe it is achievable.

Let me use this opportunity to once again encourage you, to kindly avail yourself the advantages of our array of very good products like “Accion CATCH them YOUNG, Accion HOUSEHOLD, Accion OIL BOOM, Accion V.I.P, EAG LE V.I.P –SILVER, Accion V.I.P –GOLD, Accion V.I.P DIAMOND, Accion GREEN REVOLUTION, Accion TOMMORROW, Standard Trust Bank BUSINESS LOAN, Accion FLEX ACCOUNT, Accion BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT SCHEME, Standard Trust Bank SCHEME, Accion PLU SALARY ADVANCE, Standard Trust Bank LIFE CLUB, Accion CATCH THEM YOUNG PLUS, Accion TARGET PROMO ACCOUNT to mention but a few. We are indeed ready to take Standard Trust Bank to the next level.

We look forward to your continued patronage and continue to rest on the wings of the Accion while we make your money work for you. Standard Trust Bank Limited the Biggest and the Best in Nigeria and Africa.


In fulfillment of our promises, we are today giving out as our Birthday gifts various items free of charge to our valued customers

Word Of Life Bible Church in Collaboration with Standard Trust Bank Limited will be giving out various poverty alleviation items which include:

Three (3) Hyundai Cars

Twenty (20) Tricycles

One Hundred (100) Grinding Machine

50 Sewing Machines

We have done all these to demonstrate our commitments to the poverty reduction which we are set to achieve. We only hope that the recipients of these items will make good use of them.

We are grateful for all you. Our prayers are always with you and your dear family.